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verb tenses: all the times

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Major verb tenses in English. This kit includes hand-drawn pages for each verb tense, with examples and explanations. It also includes short-form writing assignments in each section to check comprehension and practice core skills. These assignments are appropriate for all grade levels from junior high, where they might stand alone, through college undergraduate, where they could reasonably be used as the foundation for essay assignments that focused on skills in narrative, description, or cause-and-effect relationships. Program fee includes membership in TCA's Member Forum for the duration of the course or three months, whichever comes later. Customization with detailed essay prompts tailored to your curriculum available for a small up-charge (tap the chat box to request a quote!); additional worksheets for practicing verb conjugations are available to K-12 instructors and independent learners at a cost of $5/worksheet (10 practice conjugations per sheet, answer key provided). Questions regarding customization across additional age ranges, or for integration with specific course materials, are always welcome!

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