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999 bottles of … wait that’s not how it goes

It’s almost 1:30am and I have to get some sleep. Long adventuresome week making up the ground lost by the ongoing Google Ads fiasco and the subsequent late payment disaster.

I’ve worked with some lovely people and hope to do more.

In the meantime, before I collapse from another too-long day, I have to share this:

… I was really worried I was going to lose all that tracking history when my phone bit the dust this week. But most of it proved recoverable.

As for my personal finances … well, we‘ll see. I make out of freelancing quite a bit more than what I put into it. For one thing, I really do find clients pretty consistently, although most of their projects are on the smaller side. For another the gig itself isn’t that expensive to run. There’s not a whole lot of overhead. But precisely BECAUSE the absolute dollar amounts are small, even a 500% profit margin doesn’t really leave a lot for paying … well … me!!

Tonight that sounds like a tomorrow problem.


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