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anti-allergen smackdown

Okay, since my cheese-related post took off the other night and since I pointed out to my mom two nights ago that the pollen was filling cracks in Sheffield streets like spilled yellow paint (inspiring me to sneeze mightily, itchy miserably, and make a detour to Publix for some allergy medication), I think it's time for another poll.

Benadryl is out since it puts me out of commission for a solid 18 hours, rain or shine.

Behold our two OTHER top contenders in the allergy-relief category:

Loratadine vs. Fexofenadine: WHO TAKES THE PRIZE?????

Leave your answers (and your tales of allergen woe) in the comments, or hmu via Facebook with your replies!


Fexofenadine works pretty well for me


Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith
Apr 22, 2022

If you have a long-term problem with allergies, you can't rely on just 1 medicine anyway. I have to switch up between the generic versions of Allegra and Claritin, or I get resistant.

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I guess I'll just have to keep hoping

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