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"Cheetos" vs. "Cheese Curls"

You were going to get a Serious Post tonight, and you still may, but in the meantime I am writing slowwwllyyyyyy and licking my wounds from the latest round in my continuing battle with Google Ads:

I need a distraction, and frankly the cheese-voting post proved very popular, so I am here to GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT ...

... as long as "what they want" is in this case a poll on Cheetos (the national brand of cheese-flavored crunchy corn-based snacks owned by Frito-Lay) and "Cheese Curls," the not-national brand of cheese-flavored crunchy corn-based snacks owned by Golden Flake.

If you do not live in the Southeastern U.S., there is a STRONG chance that you will not have experienced the joy that is Golden Flake in your mouth, so I urge you to tell us instead whatever the local version is for you (if you have one) and how it compares to the national Frito-Lay product.


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Cheetos, definitely

Replying to

That can’t be right. YOU prefer Cheetos to Golden Flake cheese curls??!?!?!

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