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cnn editors asleep at the wheel

I know, I know; I am professionally obligated to have an opinion about the Musk/Twitter drama. I'll think about it. For now I'm distracted from the actual issues at hand by the coverage thereof. Take a look:

I. What?

Honestly, who even green-lights these things?

EITHER the implicit language of 19th-century prostitution is a total accident, in which case the CNN editors are insufficiently literate, OR it is not an accident at all, in which case they are insufficiently prudish for a mainstream news site.

EITHER WAY: I love it (because that's how I roll).

How delicious.

But I'll betcha there will be internet hobgoblins having a field day with this one.

Leave me your thoughts in the comments, or head on over to the Forum to share your own best/hottest TwitterMusk takes.

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Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith
Apr 26, 2022

Twitter board reading this thread:

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