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facebook recommendations, no. ????

Okay folks, Dr. C is exhausted and it's not like "Take Meta's recommendations with a grain of salt" is strictly news, so this is going to be a Quick'n'Dirty (TM) post.

Tonight I posted updates regarding severe weather closings for client Community 4ward at both of their food pantry locations: Vina & Sheffield. Okay, so far so good.

As I was working on the posts, I noticed something distinctly ... odd ... in the distractographics with which Facebook unhelpfully surrounds the posting interface.

Take a look:

Probably you are seeing this problem already, but just because I feel like, you know, HAMMERING THE POINT HOME, let's see it one more time:


And in case you needed a reminder:

Leave your comments, questions, and screams of frustration in the comments, or join the Forum to share them with the class. :P

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