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"ho" to attract clients (it's the oldest profession)

Look, it's not so much the typo itself (although, like plenty of my own typos and probably more than a few of yours, it is unintentionally funny).

It's what the typo, or the NUMBER of typos, says ... in combination with what she's selling.

Theoretically, you could make a nice "comeback" here and snip at me that she isn't technically "selling" anything –– but let's get real. Most of us have seen a boat-load of posts in this genre. We know they're "lead generators." We know they're designed to mimic "providing value" (the standard advice, as utterly useless as it is entirely accurate, given to basically everybody posting as a business on social media, ever) while positioning the OP as "an authority," even "the authority" in the digital space.

But c'mon.

You can't be a/an/the/any kind of authority while making hash out of your verbs and promising "Ho to make 10k in 30 days" (this was essentially the plot of Pretty Woman, but I'm doubtful most hustling entrepreneurs are hoping to stage a re-enactment). And while a typo every now and then is just human nature (it won't surprise me, for instance, if I find one when I look at this post, tomorrow, with fresh eyes) ... that's two typos in 17 words, and not a whole lot of characters; it's two typos in two sentences; it's two typos, one of which radically alters meaning, in a single very short post in GIANT WHITE LETTERS on a searing fuchsia background.

The combination of "masterclass" with "45mins" (really?? a masterclass in less than the period of a single college class meeting??) and "free" and really extravagant claims about the $$ amounts involved –– plus whatever the heck "magnet" and "organically" are supposed to mean here (I assume the emoji should actually be rendered "magnetic," and "organically" may just be a null-content buzzword ... but really, who knows?) –– conveys a mix of desperation and contempt that probably isn't actually unique to our current, digitally-mediatized moment (very few social-affective registers are unique in human experience) but certainly feels distinctive: heightened, tortured in the twisty-turny sense of the word; fraught.

blogger standing in doorway of historic school building
nothing to do with the post; pic is just to keep Wix SEO happy

The most telling rasgo of all may be this:

In the comments, she had takers.

If you've got thoughts, on the minute-maid masterclass or 21st century digital dystopia or the typicality of typos or anything else, hit me up in the comments & let me know!

Don't take masterclasses, even free ones, from people who are anxious to waste your time.

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