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reason #984753 why i hate facebook

The link that should take me to Meta Business Home now takes me directly to Ads Manager for a client’s account — NOT EVEN my own account, never mind my business “home.”

I can’t even. This is serious enough data-scrambling that I imagine somebody at Facebook HQ will push the “reset” button soon … but it’s an annoyance that should have taken up zero seconds out of my evening, and instead it took, idk, 300 or so, before I finally gave up, and the fact that these short-term irritations come from Facebook — oh, I’m sorry, Meta — about twice per week is just another reason why this particular company should never have become the de facto mode of communication for daily life over so much of the globe in the first place.

Meta cannot be trusted with basic competence, never mind serious tasks like policing disinformation and monitoring for inauthentic traffic.

If you use Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp for your organization with any kind of regularity … back up your data, daily if possible. Keep independent copies of everything, especially client/customer information. And do NOT trust the automated ad optimizations.

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