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today, in "tales from the metaverse"

Facebook, that is a truly terrible ROI.

I present you the hot mess that is this FB "boost" recommendation:


I mean, we all kinda know "wtf" –– tf is Facebook's algorithm, which also, fittingly, is obviously f*cked.


WHY WOULD I WANT TO BOOST THIS POST ... and if I did, why would I think that reaching "up to" a number still under 1k for $25 would be a rational investment?!?!?!

THIS IS WHY, when people tell me they have been "following Facebook's ad recommendations" (I hear this surprisingly often, especially from exactly the same small business owners who can least afford to get it wrong), I say, "Oh no."

I also sometimes make this face:

(I may be a cat.)

Anyway, a reminder, in case anybody had forgotten after the many times I have harped on this:

Take Meta's advertising recommendations with a giant helping of salt.

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Facebook’s algorithms still need tweaking. You would think by now itcwould be better.

Replying to

Well, as somebody pointed out to me the other day ...

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