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Jessica N. Smith

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Why Hire a "Consulting" Academic?

Big picture?

Because I wrote my doctoral thesis on communicative patterns in a digital subculture. 

The research methods I used to collect my data for that project, and the layered sociolinguistic and anthropological analytical strategies I employed to draw my conclusions, have broad applicability for a number of contexts.


Here are two of the big ones: 

  • the instruction of rhetoric (e.g., teaching college writing, which I do a lot)


  • marketing/PR (if you want to define an audience, anthropology is your best friend; if you want to examine how they communicate in order to engage them more effectively, you're going to want some linguistics)​

My "brand" name is a Sherlock Holmes joke –– he's a "consulting detective," and Scotland Yard calls on him when there's a mystery their team can't solve. 

I'm a consulting academic. I teach college courses, but only part-time. In-between, I'm here for all those gnarly mysteries of communication –– in the classroom, in the comments, at the keyboard –– that have you scratching your head. 

From here, you can: 

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client roster

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Community 4ward

Community 4ward is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on devising & implementing community-based, volunteer-driven solutions to shared challenges. Their pilot effort, The Meal Barrel Project, served over 25,000 families in the Northwest Alabama area during 2020 alone. 

Maselle Real Estate Institute

Maselle Real Estate Institute offers IDEC-approved, ARELLO-approved courses in real estate education. From the pre-licensing courses prospective real estate agents must take to prepare for their licensing exams to the continuing education credits all states require agents to complete annually, MREI offers both synchronous and asynchronous options for agents and prospective agents looking to meet their next set of career goals. MREI Online is especially proud to offer their asynchronous courses in an innovative dual-delivery format for accessibility (and, let's face it, entertainment; I've listened to some of the audio and it is a BIG improvement over clicking through the slides alone). 

Client 3

Mama D's Art & Jewelry

Artist Diane Layer designs one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry & pieces for the modern aesthetic. 

Corazón a la Mexicana

This multinational yet close-to-home family enterprise works with native artists in the Oaxaca region of Mexico to bring traditional, handcarved and lacquered Oaxacan designs to an international & cosmopolitan market. Pieces crafted from the indigenous copal wood are this brand's particular specialty. 

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