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It's Not about You: PoV in Academic Writing

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A 12-step guided explanation of the reasons for, and uses of, the traditional "third person point of view" characteristic of academic writing. Includes grammar lessons with colorful, hand-drawn details (downloadable!), written materials, and embedded video mini-lessons. May be used "standalone," as a step-by-step introduction to grammatical person as a concept that then puts that concept into conversation with the rhetorical structures and conventions of academic writing; in that case I would recommend shortening the program duration from six weeks (the default limit) to two and letting the suggested self-editing exercise at the end become the starting point for the next class unit. This program also works well in combination with units on style, uses of evidence, and of course grammar lessons involving pronouns. If you are using this program as part of the Weekly 1/2 Hour subscription plan, regular weekly "homework" check-ins, personalized assignments, and one-on-one feedback/discussion are included at no extra charge; if you are purchasing this program as a single item, opportunities to ask questions and seek support are included at strategic points throughout the course. I can't wait to work with you, so let's get started!

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