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services by appointment
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services by subscription


Social media management is available in a variety of packages to meet your needs; if none of the listings meets your goals exactly, please feel free to request a custom quote. 

*Email marketing is available as an optional component of any custom SMM package; depending on initial needs assessment, up to three email campaigns may also be included as part of the message-testing phase of your research and analysis service. 

**Pricing depends on number of platforms and scope of audience. 

services by contract


  • semiotic/UX website review

  • review of existing audience by platform

  • target audience "triangulation"

  • digital ethnography for nonprofits/political outreach 

  • digital ethnography for commercial enterprise

All of the R&A services are designed to help organizations improve their audience penetration through richer understanding of communicative patterns and expectations. Hourly and milestone pricing are both available; please contact me for a free consultation to discuss your unique needs. 

services by contract

My Story

I started freelancing in 2015, while I was working on my doctoral dissertation. I managed social media for a small arts nonprofit for a little over four years, picking up a few other clients along the way. That gig wrapped when the Executive Director retired and the incoming ExDir reorganized staffing, making social media part of a single integrated PR position (probably the right move for them; inconvenient for me). 

By that point I was almost ready to defend the dissertation, so I took a few months off to focus on getting #PhDONE –– Feb 2020, and we all know what happened next. 

I was teaching two college courses that semester and finished out the academic year online before restarting my consulting work, DBA "HyperSem." Picked up a few more clients. Served as an anthropological advisor on some local political campaigns; did steady, small-time freelance work for a nonprofit. Kept picking up clients in one-off gigs, a little at a time. 

I loved "HyperSem" but I was having to explain the name every time I turned around, so in the summer of 2021 I built a new website (the one you're visiting now) and that winter I filed a new DBA when I updated my Business License paperwork with the City of Sheffield:

The Consulting Academic. 

It's a bit of a tongue-in-cheek nod to Sherlock Holmes and his role as a "consulting detective" –– also a joke on myself, as I have been working as "adjunct" faculty at a small state university for ... about seven years, or an eternity; take your pick.  

Part-time professor. Part-time professional. 

I love the work –– both sets of it –– but the more important point for you is that the study of communication feeds directly into its application. 

I can draft great ad copy (I double-majored in college, Professional Writing and Spanish –– Spanish was probably more fun, but PW I've used the most). I can turn out eye-catching graphic designs. I can build cool websites. I always need money, so if you want to pay me to create done-for-you ad campaigns I'm down. But the truth is that lots of other people can also do all of those things.

What makes my services special is that I start from an analysis of audience grounded in research. 

The core insight of linguistics –– really of any form of semiotics –– is that once you understand what the communicative convention is, you can apply it to convey your own meanings.

The more closely you apply the conventions of a specific community –– in this case, your online audience –– the more you "sound" like a native. Talking like a native makes you recognizable as "one of us" ... which leads to increased engagements, higher CTRs, and a customer base that becomes self-sustaining over time. 

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The Consulting Academic

Come for the office hours. 

Stay for the results. 

my story
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