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by the light of a Cheddar Moon

A very special congratulations are due to good friend and TCA member Sara Pack.

Those of you who have seen her bio on the Forum will know that Sara is a long-time copy editor, Pampered Chef consultant, and homeschool mom. You might not know that Sara is also a talented actor: I first met her in 2018, when I was managing social media accounts for the Tennessee Valley Art Association and Sara and her daughter Petra were playing the same role at two stages in a character's life in the Ritz Theater production of First Baptist of Ivy Gap (some of you may also remember Petra as the artist behind the abstract geometric designs you'll find as backgrounds on some of the TCA pages).

Sara was the very first member to sign up when TCA site memberships FINALLY made it out of beta and opened to the public in early 2022.

She is a level head, a curious soul, and –– now –– a published author!

Congratulations, Sara –– well-earned!

Anybody with kids, or curiosity, or a love of space (I think that pretty much covers TCA's roster LOL) can find Sara's first book, Cheddar Moon, available for purchase here.


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