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sneak peek: verb tenses

Okay, so most of today was subsumed into "omg I feel terrible," which happens to me periodically (I mean, it happens to most people periodically, but in my case there are ongoing medical problems that explain it; whether that's better or worse, I'll let you decide). I did manage to get my taxes over to the accountant so that she can at least file the extension request on time. Tracking all the invoices that did and did not get paid –– and all the expenses accrued in the process of generating said invoices –– is an annual nightmare that shows no signs of improving ... although I'll stipulate that clients who pay up the first time they're billed make me love them not just in the moment, but the following April!

Anyway. WHILE I was feeling terrible, I took advantage of the time spent sitting around to work on the handouts for my soon-to-be-released tutorial on verb tenses (you've already got one on verbal moods, and if you are an educator OR a writer looking to improve your mastery of moods you should totally check it out!).

Tonight's post is just a quick "teaser" of the slides (completely out of context; if you want context, you'll have to take the course! ... or sign up for one of the tutorial subscriptions, as the case may be).

Printable versions coming soon, to a digital art store near you!!! ... I think.

I just installed the Wix "Art Store" app, so ALLEGEDLY it's going to be very easy to purchase both download-to-print and print-to-ship versions; I have loaded files for testing, but I have to recruit testers this weekend to ensure that the process from purchase to print to delivery.

I never fully believe a project with this many moving parts is going to work until I've seen it go off without a hitch at least five times in a row, so probably SOMEBODY has a busy Saturday upcoming.

Tomorrow looks like a good day to tackle the perfect tenses ...

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