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unexpectedly unsubtle usernames + a bevy of Star Wars references

Most of you probably don't know who "Elan Sleazebaggano" is, but it doesn't matter because he has got out of the death stick business and gone home to rethink his life.

In his place, we have "Crypto Mania," from whom you should neither purchase death sticks nor accept dubious Etsy advice.

I give you:

OP's name cropped for privacy

I vaguely remember accepting a friend request from the OP, probably last summer sometime because I was spending a lot of time in obnoxious Facebook business groups looking for ways to pay my bills and I accepted all but the most obviously spammy requests that came my way.

I don't remember anything especially unsavory about this guy (the OP) in particular –– probably just another hungry soul like me, although evidently not one very good at Googling.

I really can't come up with a good excuse for Crypto Mania to take that name, ON PURPOSE ... much less leave vague and noticeably unhelpful comments on somebody's digital frustration post.

If you actually have a contact number or email for Etsy Customer Service, that is not the kind of top secret intel provided exclusively to 21yo National Guardsmen for amping their digital street cred.

You do not need to be in anybody's DMs for this, so cut the cloak-and-dagger.

Just drop the link in the comments like a rational human being (or, if you fancy you have a flair for drama, like a crusading Jedi Knight) and go on about your business.

... maybe not JUST like that.

I don't know how this is going to work out for OP, but I did his Googling for him, so if anybody needs a shortcut through the Etsy red tape, here you go (no word yet from the OP, but here's wishing him luck!).

Maybe these will be the contact deets he's looking for.


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