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demographic vs interest data

2 slides + some good advice

METRICS & what they measure

Social media platforms typically break audience metrics down by groups of age, gender, and location; some may also give you information about the devices or operating systems used to view your content. These data points are all good and useful in their own ways -- I for one am always fascinated by the mobile/desktop split, especially if I can see it mapped onto one of the other categories -- but these are NOT the kinds of information we look for when we are building our social relationships offline, and there's a limit to how much use most of us can get out of them in online advertising, too.

Think about your own friends and associates:

There's a good chance their interests group together. The same people who enjoy hiking often enjoy other outdoor activities; many will also be interested in fitness.

This goes to the question of quantity vs. quality in post reach/views.

So: How do you find YOUR people?

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