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even your mother does not want to hear from you 100 times every day ... or ANY day

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Full respect to the OP, but this is not a great idea for MOST people in most situations.

"incredible" can be taken more than one way tbh

If your goal is simply to overwhelm "the algorithm" (on any given platform), 100 posts per day might offer a short-term boost. If you are dividing your 100 posts across 5 different platforms, I ... still think that's way too much for most people/organizations, but I can at least see the logic.

Ask yourself: Do YOU want to see 100 different posts from the same page in any single day?? Even assuming only 1 in 4 of them ended up on your feed, isn't that way too much?

You don't want to post so many times per day that people who follow you can't get to the rest of their feed ... and end up UNfollowing you as a result. That's true even if the content is "good" and well-matched to your audience.

The "social" part of social media requires thinking in terms of how YOUR account participates in (instead of just proclaiming to) a wider community.

So a good STARTING point, as you consider any shift in your strategy, is to think about what YOU would like/want/appreciate/find annoying if an account you followed started doing the same thing. People have different tastes and preferences and so "Well, I'd love it" or "I'd hate it" is not going to be a perfect predictor of audience response (you need data). But as a simple rubric for how you approach your use of social media, "DO UNTO OTHERS" is tough to beat.

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